Emotional blackmail is something that I had to learn to deal with on an unthankful costumer service job.

Now a good friend of mine is facing it, though in a very different context. I made this video for her, and publishing it in the hopes that you may find it useful too.

Discover how to stop emotional blackmail now!Empower-Your-Life-Blue

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Be careful of your self-talk.

It's so much easier to be negative than it is to be positive. Most people say they are not great at telling stories, then they proceed to tell you a story in such detail that if the same energy was used on a positive encouraging story they make a positive impact on the world and their own personal life.

Why not monitor what you think and what you say? Become conscious of it.

People just say the weirdest things that they don't really mean or even comprehend the full impact of. Myself included, I've been guilty of that.

If you say things like that it's going to effect your relationships...


...your thinking.

What you say is a clue to how you think and if you say negative, hurtful things than you are probably having negative hurtful, unfavorable thoughts towards yourself and the rest of the world.

You are diminishing your own self-worth.

Instead, learn to keep your heart open and love yourself unconditionally!

The universe is on your side waiting for your next move.

Celebrate what's working in your life.

Focus on the positive and on what you can do right now.

Give thanks for what you have and that you're still here.

That alone says that your life still matters. You have something special.

You have GREATNESS within you!

Share your value with the world, with the people around you!

Make it a great one,

Sandor Benko



PS. Get more goodness into your head, not just your wallett!


This was an eye-opener for me. Ah, that is why my "no expectations" policy with so and so is working.. and why lots of other things have not worked. Including my marriage. Too many unfulfilled expectations on both sides.

I had to sit on that for about a night. Because I had all of these expectations in my life.

Expectations you set on yourself are good.

There is, however, a difference between an expectation and an intention.

An intention is something that you are going to create.

An expectation is something that you, like, kind of, expect to happen. It's one of those one of those I hope so type of things"

An intention is I am intending to create this and I'm going to do it.

What is your intention?

Hope.. is the only thing I can transfer you in this business. Why do you think I focus so much on inspiration and motivation and telling stories that people can identify with? Because I can't transfer my skill, my story, my being.. but I can transfer hope. Hope that you can do this too and set yourself free! Go! http://bloglike.net/r2


The Disciplines of Doership - The Good News Merchant Creed

I choose not to be common. I choose freedom and I choose free capitalism in a free country. Let others conform so they can fit nicely within a crowd and not be seen. Not me.


I make my own opportunity and my own success because I am a LAW unto myself and TEN feet tall and bullet proof. And my example helps people.


I will never cower under any master, serve any man other than my creator and I am free because I rise above circumstance and use my mind to see above any lack, failure or what others refer to as mistakes. I am a HUMAN DYNAMITE. Yes I am. Because I CAN!


I bend not to threat and I treat every last person I meet as if they knew me since I was a kid. Mankind is my friend and as such, strangers like me and people are my trade. I call that LOVERAGE.


My creed is:


“My prosperity prospers 10,000 people and THEIR prosperity also prospers me.”


I only sleep to give my hair a rest and shoot out of bed earlier than most because I decided to stand up to and do what the masses will not. I will not be denied!


I decided to vote myself in and I give myself permission to be TEN feet tall and bullet proof. My word is LAW and sits between the words, “I CAN” and amen. As a Human Dynamo I decided it’s time to stand and to be heard!


Aniko Giampietro


You are 10 feet tall and bullet-proof!

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